Housing System

To instil in the pupils the art of self discipline & self confidence and encourage a spirit of healthy competition among them, the children organised into 4 houses.

Aryabatta Yellow
Bhaskara Blue
Rohini Red
Vikram Green

Extra Curricular Activities

There is a Scout Troop and a Guide Company which meet once a week. Students are encouraged and trained to compete for the enviable Rastrapathi award. Scouts and girl guides attend regular camps in and outside Chennai. There are active Literary and science / Art clubs. Facilities for various games are provided and special coaching is given after school hours to promising players.

  • Yoga
  • Chess
  • Embroidery and Drawing
  • Dance
  • Karate and Silambam
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Music by Rhapsody

Co - Curricular Activities

The Following Co-Curricular activities are organized are organized are to help ion the all-round development of the student personality and to bring out the inherent talents in the students.

  • Quiz competitions in literature, Science, Maths, Social Science, Sports and current affairs.
  • Elocution / Oratorical Competition
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Drawing and painting Competition
  • Poetry Writing Competition
  • Dramatics and dance

Student's Council

The Principal after consultation with the members of staff appoints the office bearers of the different clubs. House Captains, Vice Captains, Volunteers, Head Volunteer, School pupil leaders, class pupil leaders and assistant class pupil leader.


Games and exercise occupy a prominent place in the school's activities. The Physical Education Department takes the fullest advantage of the PT classes and the evening games sessions to tap the best from the budding stars. The meet was a historic event. It is a matter of great pride to mention our sport stars who have brought laurels to the state, the country and of course the school.


Sl.no Name Year Achievement Level
1. J.Rakesh 2014-15 Table Tennis (S.L) State Level
2. A.P.Srija 2015-16 100M. 200 M National Level
3. J.Praveenraj 2015-16 Boxing State Level
4. M. NazeeraFathima Bee 2016-17 Taekwondo National Level
5. M.Akshai 2017-18 Kabbadi National Level
6. C.Dinesh 2018-19 Weight Lifting National level
7. T.Sakthivel 2018-19 Boxing National level
8. P. Narendra Prasad 2018-19 Taekwondo State level
9. R. DikshithaNavak 2018-19 Weight lifting State level